Better Client Communications

Clear communications with clients is the cornerstone of the professional relationship. It could make the difference between winning a case, preventing mal practice, and retaining clients.

The most important thing to understand is there are many differences in how people communicate and the ways we interpret and respond to different interactions with others. Just as the law is open to interpretation, people also understand and interpret communication differently.

An awareness about personality styles and how the way we speak to the different types of people may impact their decision making - very useful in court, accelerating trust with clients, having them be aware of the process in which you work and set boundaries.

At work, generational differences can affect everything. Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons. Learning how to communicate with the different generations can eliminate many confrontations and misunderstandings.

Please contact Elaine for further information on bringing this training to your workplace.

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Clue Sheet for Behavioral Styles

From a behavioral style point of view, learning the art of persuasion from a sales or customer service perspective and understanding how people interpret different conversations can mean a significant difference to whether we gain and retain clients. Understanding people and heightening our listening skills, are key to increasing our performance.

Prioritize to Profit

Prioritize to Profit is a monthly networking luncheon, where each month a new topic is presented, geared to help busy professionals make the most of their time, improving business,  and move them forward.

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